CBSE Class 12th Accounts notes for download

Notes for CBSE Class 12th Accounts Subject

CBSE Class 12th Accounts Notes for download

These notes are for various topics which are useful in CBSE class 12th Accounts exam. These notes are available in pdf/ppt format and can be downloaded and used freely.

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Topic Download Link
Partnership_General Partnership_General
Admission_Of_A_Partner Admission_Of_A_Partner
Retirement_Of_Partner Retirement_Of_Partner
Introduction_To_Company Introduction_To_Company
Issue_Of_Shares Issue_Of_Shares
Forefeiture_Of_Shares Forefeiture_Of_Shares
Reissue_Of_Forefeitted_Shares Reissue_Of_Forefeitted_Shares
Issure_Of_Debentures Issure_Of_Debentures
Financial_Statement_Analysis Financial_Statement_Analysis
Cost_Accounting Cost_Accounting
Accounting_Ratios Accounting_Ratios-1
Basic_Cost_Concepts Basic_Cost_Concepts
Cost_Sheet Cost_Sheet
Cash_Flow_Statement Cash_Flow_Statement-1
Material_And_Stores Material_And_Stores
Accounting_For_Debentures Accounting_For_Debentures
Accounting_For_Partnership_Firms Accounting_For_Partnership_Firms
Accounting_For_Share_Capital Accounting_For_Share_Capital
Common_Size_Statements Common_Size_Statements
Company_Accounts Company_Accounts
Dissolution_Of_Partnership_Firm Dissolution_Of_Partnership_Firm
Financial_Statement_Of_Companies Financial_Statement_Of_Companies
Goodwill Goodwill
Partnership_Fundamentals Partnership_Fundamentals
Redemption_Of_Debentures Redemption_Of_Debentures
Resolution_Of_Partnership Resolution_Of_Partnership
Retirement_Of_Partner Retirement_Of_Partner
Higher_Order_Thinking_Material Higher_Order_Thinking_Material
Short_Notes Accounts-Short_Notes
Supplementary-Material Accounts-Supplementary-Material


Accounts Caliculation
Class 12th Accounts PDF Notes

Subjects which are available for download include Partnership General, Admission of a partner, Retirement of a partner, Introduction to Company, Issue of Shares, Forfeiture of Shares, Reissue of Forfeited Shares, Issue of Debentures. Financial Statement Analysis, Cost Accounting, Accounting Ratios, Basic Cost Concepts, Cost Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Material and Stores, Accounting for Debentures, Accounting for partnership firms, Accounting for Share Capital, Common Size Statements, Company Accounts, Dissolution of Partnership Firm, Financial Statement of Companies, Goodwill, Partnership fundamentals, Redemption of debentures, Resolution of partnership, Retirement of a partner, etc.

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