How to handle extreme pressure situations

Our life is a collection of several small things combined together to form one big unit. In the continous evolving scenario around us there is consistent pressure on every one of us to prove our worth. Be it earning more money, getting more degrees, getting bigger house and car or even having a lovely life partner.

These are some of the things by which our net worth is calculated by others and to great extent by ourselves too. This has resulted in a scenario called public success – personal failure where we are more inclined towards public success and care very less about our own likings and dreams. Following are some of the ways to help come out of these traps and feel better by relieving the stressful situations which we ourselves have created.

Life is OK even without all luxuries

We have to think what all we can do if we get what we are aiming. Most of the people have everything which they desire very close to them. The only point is if they are ready to identify it. Most of us do not aim for luxuries but for happiness. Happiness does not require luxuries.

Why Look UP all the time

Most of the people around us are sad because they always see others who have more physical things in their possession. Looking up is not negative if it is done in a healthy manner. However, if that only becomes the aim of our life – this loop will never end as at every point in our life we will find someone who is having more than us. The art of gaining happiness in the simplest way starts when we start observing people who are having much lesser resources than us but are far happier than us. Appreciate their way to living as they have reached a place, the route of which is still unknown to us.

Lets live for others

Have you ever tried living a day for the sake of others? Without thinking about our own profits or gains lets try living a day or two in at least a month for fulfilling dreams of others. Fulfiling dreams of others may sound a very big word but believe me there are very small things which are very achievable in small time which others aim for. Lets help them in reaching someone their goal and by the law of attraction the nature will surely help us in getting what we desire.

Lets be less perfect

There is no formula or ingredients which defines a recipe to be perfect. Everyone is perfect in their own way. Focus on the way which makes you feel perfect rather than focussing on others. Believe me YOU are PERFECT. You always are and you always will.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions and share your thoughts on your ways of making life less stressful.

Aiming for your success always !!! 🙂



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