UGC NET Exam Comparative Literature Subject Syllabus

Code No. : 72

Comparative Literature Paper II and Paper III ( Part A & B )

Unit – I : The Epistemology of Comparative Literature

  • Definition and Scone of Comparative Literature
  • Development of the Discipline
  • Methodology

Unit – II : Literary Historiography

  • History and Literary History
  • Elements of Literary History
  • Problems of Periodization

Unit – III : The Theory of Genres

  • Oral and Written
  • Ancient, Medieval and Modern

Unit – IV : Thematology

  • Motifs, Myths and Archetypes
  • The Diachronic and Synchronic Study of Themes

Unit – V : Comparative Indian Literature

  • Traditions
  • Movements
  • Themes and Genres

Unit – VI : Literary Theory

  • Indian Poetics : Tamil and Sanskrit
  • Western Literary Theories

Unit – VII : Cross – cultural Literary Relations

  • Influence
  • Analogy
  • Reception

Unit – VIII : Translation Studies

  • History of Translation – Indian and Non – Indian.
  • Theories of Translation.
  • Problems of Translation – Linguistic and Cultural.

Unit – IX : Literature and the Other Arts.

Unit – X : Literature and Other Disciplines – Literature and Cultural Studies.

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